A new source of cytoplasmic male sterility in pearl millet: RFLP analysis of mitochondrial DNA uri icon


  • A new source of cytoplasmic male sterility (cms) in pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R.Br.) derived from a half-sib progeny of the Early Gene Pool (EGP 261) and used in a male-sterile line, ICMA 90111, was compared with other known cms sources for RFLP of mitochondrial (mt) DNA. Southern blot hybridization of mtDNA from ICMA 90111 digested with several restriction enzymes and probed with homologous mtDNA clones from pearl millet and heterologous gene clones from maize and wheat revealed the RFLP patterns of ICMA 90111 distinct from others studied so far. The dendrogram of male-sterile lines constructed from the Southern blot hybridization patterns indicated that ICMA 90111 represents a separate group. Our results suggest that this source of cms is unique in several respects.Key words: Pennisetum glaucum, cytoplasmic male sterility, mitochondrial DNA, RFLP

publication date

  • 1994