Infrastructural support to promote farmer adoption of improved technologies uri icon


  • Adoption of technology is faster wit.h resourceful farmers in the more and homogenolls core areas with ' or assured rainfall. However, the pace of adoption is slower til resource-poor farmers in less productive and diverse hinterlands, A fized research strategy is neededto develop technology table to diverse conditions of hinterlands. Use of farmers' indigenous knowledge and their involvement in developi and testing of technology to suit local conditions is essential. Hence, farmer-participatoryon-farm constitutes the foundation for technology adoption.Environmental factors inllucncc adoption, but arc beyond our control. Therefore, the infrastructure for adoption will comprised of technological, institutional, socioeconomic, and human studies from Bangladeshare given to illustrate the beneficial of some of the infrastructural support systems on technology adoption,
  • The paper considers the factors responsible for technology adoption and suggests the infrastructures needed to hasten adoption. Case studies from Bangladesh are used to illustrate the beneficial effects of some of the infrastructural support systems on technology adoption

publication date

  • 1994
  • 1994