Improvement in Eastern and Southern Africa?Annual Research Planning Meeting 1993, 25-27 Oct 1993 uri icon


  • The ICRISAT/African Development Bank (AfDB) Pigeonpea Improvement Project aims to develop andpropagate the use of improved cultivars and management practices among pigeonpea farmers in eastern andsouthern Africa, and to increase the utilization of this crop in both regions. This publication is a report of theAnnual Research Planning Meeting 1993, held at Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, 25-27 Oct 1993 and attended byICRISAT scientists, AfDB representatives, and NARS scientists from 11 countries. Research progress madesince the project was launched is reviewed; the major production/utilization constraints in each country,and ways to alleviate them, are discussed; and workplans (detailing proposed activities, methodologies,budgets, etc.) are presented for collaborative pigeonpea research in eastern and southern Africa

publication date

  • 1994