Multilocational evaluation of pigeonpea for resistance to phytophthora blight uri icon


  • One hundred and forty three pigeonpea accessions and 757 elite breeding lines were evaluated for resistance to phytophthora blight (Phytophthora drechsler; f. sp cajan; (Pal et at.) Kannaiyan et al.) at seven locations in India for three to seven seasons between 1984/85 and 1990/91. Three accessions, KPBR 80-2-1, KPBR 80-2-2, and ICP 9252 were moderately resistant to the disease with an average disease incidence of 11?20% (range 1?38%), compared to 89% (range 67?100%) In the susceptible control. These can be used as donor parents for breeding for resistance

publication date

  • 1993