Registration of a Drought-Resistant Chickpea Germplasm uri icon


  • ICC4958 (PI439824), released in 1992, was one of the most drought-resistant of more than 1500 diverse germplasm lines screened under field conditions at ICRISAT, Patancheru during 1979-83. It also exhibited high drought resistance at Aleppo, Syria. ICC4958 is a brown-seeded desi chickpea adapted to short duration (90-95 days), progressively increasing terminal drought environments such as those occurring in India. It is semi-spreading and has terminal branching habit. Branches are few (15 vs. 22 in Annigeri), but canopy height is similar to that of Annigeri. Flowering begins around 39 days after sowing, compared with 43 days in Annigeri, and the 2 genotypes mature in about 88 and 103 days, respectively. The 100-seed weight is 30 and 19 g for ICC4958 and Annigeri, respectively, and percentage of damaged pods caused by Helicoverpa armigera is 22.2 and 40.3%, respectively

publication date

  • 1993