Development of a Core RFLP Map in Maize Using anImmortalized F2 Population uri icon


  • A map derived from restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs)i n maize (Zea mays L.) ispresented. The map was constructed in an immortalized Tx303 X C0159 FP mapping populationthat allowed for an unlimited number of markers to be mapped and pooled Fs seed to be distributedto other laboratories. A total of 215 markers consisting of 159 genomic clones, 16 isozymes and 35cloned geneso f defined function have been placed on 10 chromosomes. An examination of segregationdata has revealed several genomic regions with aberrant segregation ratios favoring either parenot rthe heterozygote. Mapping of cloned genes and isozymes that have been previously mapped byfunctional criteria has provided 29 points of alignment with the classical maize genetic map. Screeningof all mapped RFLP probes against a collection of U.S. Corn Belt germplasm using EcoRI, Hind111and EcoRV has resulted in a set of 97 core markers being defined. The designation of a set of coremarkers allows the maize genome to be subdivided into a series of bins which serve as the backbonefor maize genetic information and database boundariesT. he merits and applicationso f core markers v and bins are discussed

publication date

  • 1993