Indication of Possible Linkage Between Male-sterile Gene ms1 and Temperature Sensitivity in Pigeonpea uri icon


  • Male sterility in pigconpea (Qjjamts cajan (L.) Millsp.) is governed by a single recessive gene msj (Reddy et al. 1978). This has been used to develop the first commercial hybrid ICPH 8 (Saxcna ct al. 1989). However, the use of genetic male sterility poses practical difficulties in the commercial seed production of male steriles and hybrids because it requires manual roguing of fertile plants from the rows of female plants. So far no genetic marker associated with male sterility has been identified and, therefore, individual plants have to be carefully examined for sterility. This paper reports a possible linkage between the male-sterile gene msf and temperature sensitivity

publication date

  • 1993