Effects of Cropping Systems on Wilt of Safflower uri icon


  • Data on feasible cropping systcms to be used in semi-arid Vcrtisols to rcducc thesoil borne disease of fusarium wilts of samowcr is prcsentcd. Influence of cropsucccssions and fertilirers on discasc incidcncc and on the progression of wilt duringthe crop season are discusscd. It is suggcstcd that a break in continuous cropsucccssions of samowcr in thc post rainy scason with a legume like chickpea orcowpea intcrcroppcd with pigconpca will reduce thc dixasc incidence of wilt insamowcr. This can be used as an cffectivc rnanagcrncnt practicc in hcavily infectedsoils where chemical treatment is impractical and a suitablc resistant variety is notavailable

publication date

  • 1993