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  • Pigeonpea is cultivatcd mainly in India, which in 1987 had about 30% of Ihc world's area(3.61 m ha) and production (2.55 ml), according to FA0 statistics. Howcvcr, the trucwent of ils cultivation outsidc of India is no1 accurately rcwrded bccausc it is usually aminor componcnt of cropping systcnrs, is rriainly used for Iro~ric consumptio~r withoutpassing through marketing systcms, and is grown as Iromcstead, bordcr, licdgc or inter-:rops which arc difficult to quantify. Tlrc otlicr rlrore important rcgions whcre pigconpcairc cultivated include tlrc rest of South Asia, castcrn Africa and thc Caribbean rcgion; butit can bc found in virtually all tropical countries

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  • 1993