Use of grain number components as selection criteria in pearl millet uri icon


  • The use of panicle number/plant and panicle surface area as indirect selection criteria for grain yield was studied in an open pollinated, synthetic dwarf variety of Pennisetum glaucum (ICMS7901) at Patancheru. Spaced plants were grown in the rainy season of 1980 and selected selfed plants were evaluated during the rainy season of 1981; further field trials were conducted in 1982 and 1984 using subsynthetics. Information on grain yield and 4 yield components (number of panicles and grains per m², number of grains per panicle and grain weight) is tabulated for the selfed progeny and subsynthetics. Data indicated that selecting for both panicle number /plant and panicle size resulted in improvements in the yield components, while selecting only for increased panicle size resulted in a notably higher grain mass

publication date

  • 1993