World review of the natural enemies and diseases of Spodoptera litura(F.)(Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) uri icon


  • Published information was used to compile a summary of natural enemies(parasitoids, predatorsand diseases) reported attacking Spodoptera litirra (F) under field conditions. Species (71) of insect parasitoids in seven families of Hymenoptera and two families of Diptera were listed asparasitoids of difTerent stages of S. litura. Predatory insects (36) belonging to 14 families and 12 species of spiders from six families have been reported to feed on this species. Four prolozoan, four fungal, seven bacterial, four each of viral and nematode species were also reported to be the pathogens of this species. Published information suggested that periodic releases of large number of egg parasites could help in suppressing populalions of this pest. There is a considerable scope for increased attention to the role of natural enemies as component of integrated pest management programmes of S. litura

publication date

  • 1993