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  • The paper reviews groundnut breeding research in India since 1905. Some of the highlights include: Release of a groundnut cultivar (spanish) in 1905 for cultivation in the bunch tract of Bombay-Karnataka region; Release of C501 (Virginia) in the Punjab Stage; release of 12 cultivars during 1906-1960)and another 30 cultivars during the 1980s. During 1980s, three foliar disease resistant cultivars (Girnar 1, ICGS (FDRS) 10, and ICGV 86590) and cultivars like ICGS11, ICGS 37 and ICGS44 for postrainy season cultivation were released. Till the end of 1992, 72 cultivars have been released in India. As compared to the 70s, the area, production and productivity of groundnut in the 80s increased by 3.4%, 13.8% and 9.3% respectively. But the genetic gains are not reflected in productivity and the reasons for this are discussed. A strong seed production programme is recommended to insure the wide coverage by the improved cultivars at the farm level. The current groundnut breeding activities in India are outlined. The authors suggest that breeding for high yield per se should continue to receive strong emphasis so that resultant material with high yield potential could farm the base for stress resistance breeding programme

publication date

  • 1993