A Review of Sorghum Grain Mold uri icon


  • Terminology and definitions, symptoms, causal agents, importance, and control of fungal-relatedgrain deterioration of sorghum are reviewed. The term grain mold (GM) has gained generalacceptance as the most satisfactory descriptor of this condition.Two concepts of fungal-related grain deterioration may be found in literature. In one, GM is acondition caused by parasitic and/or saprophytic interactions of numerous fungal spp and theplant at anytime between anthesis and harvest. In the other, only a few fungi infecting andcolonizing spikelet tissues prior to grain maturity are involved. Fungi involved in postharvestdeterioration (weathering) are not considered part of the GM complex. Numerous forms of GMdamage have been described, but little work is reported on quantification of losses. A potentialmycotoxin contamination in molded grain samples has been demonstrated.New techniques, including serial dilutions and ergosterol concentration, have been useful inevaluating GM severity. Screening of more than 7000 accessions has identified more than 150 GMresistantlines

publication date

  • 1992