Important Disease Problems of Kabuli Chickpea uri icon


  • Both types of chickpeas, kabuli and dcsi, arc affcctcd by thc samc rangc of pathogcns.Discascs that arc more important in thc kabuli chickpca-growing rcpions arc: ascochytablight (Ascocltyta rabiei), botrytis gray mould (Borryris cinerea), fusarium and vcrticilliumwilts (Fusarium atysponmt and Ve~ficillirlmo lbo-atnrnt), collar and root rots (Scleroriurnmljsii, Rhizocfottia hufuricolo, Fusaritor~ solani, Rltizocrottiu sokutti and Qrhilrtrt ~rlfirr~ror~),stunt (bcan lcaf roll virus) and ncmatodcs. Whilc foliar discascs such as ascochya blightand botrytis gray mould havc hccn rcsponsiblc for devastating crops in diffcrcnt countriesin ccrtain years, soil-hornc discascs such as fuaarium wilt and collar and root rots havccauscd lcss spectacular I)ut consihtcnt d;tmagc. This papcr gives LI Ijricf itccount of thcimportant discascs of kabuli chickpca with spccial rcfcrcncc to cconomic importance,hiolom and cpidcmiology, and control. The prcscnt status on ~hcav ;tilahili~yo f sourccsof gcnctic rcsistancc to various discascs is discussed

publication date

  • 1992