Sorghum research and development network for Asia: report of the Consultative Meeting to Consider the Establishment of a Sorghum Research and Development Network for Asia uri icon


  • This publication is a report of a consultative group meeting of Asian National Scientists and Administrators to discuss sorghum production constraints in Asia, and the means to alleviate them. Selected participants f rom Asian countries led discussions and prepared summaries on utilization of end products, common production constraints and future prospects, research priorities, and transfer of varieties and technologies to farmers. Following the presentation of summaries, the group resolved to establish a Sorghum Research and Development Network for Asia to enable rapid progress in technology generation, adaptation, and adoption by pooling resources and expertise. The overall goal of the network is to elevate the status of sorghum from that of a mere subsistence crop to a high-value crop. The group recommended that ICRISAT should initiate and coordinate the activities of this network

publication date

  • 1992