WATERMAN: an operational soil water balance model compatible with IBSNAT data files uri icon


  • The CERES crop growth simulation models forsorghum, maize and mUlet. and other models like SOYGKO andPNUTGRO are ,becoming widely used for various applications inagricullure. Thew models use data fllw whose structure wasdeveloped by IBSNAT. As the use of theae models becomes morewidespread the amount of data coded in the IBSNAT format willbecome more readily available. There 14 therefore, an advantage inhaving an operational, dedicated, soil water balance modelcompatible with the XBSNAT data format ao that water balanceanalws can be done without reformatting the data. WATERMANis a model developed to achieve this objective. The program obtainsthe required weather, soil and crop information from the EXP.DIRand WM.DIR files. All required mil profile variables of thechosen soil type are then input from the SPROFILE* file. Theuser can select several applications, such as dally or periodic soilwater balance, daily water contents of various layers andirrigation scheduling with or without consideration of rainfallprobabilities Test runs at Samaru. Nigeria, gave acceptable results

publication date

  • 1991