The Occurrence Of Yellow Spot Virus, A Member Of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Group, On Peanut (Arachis Hypogaea L) In India uri icon


  • A virue that induced yellow leaf spots which later coalescedand became necrotic, vae ieolated from peanut (bacua-1 in India and named peanut yellow apot'virus (PYSY).PYSV was sap-transmisslbls to eleven epecles of Chenopodiaccao.Lcpualnoeac, and Salanacsaa. The virus induced local leslonain all tho host., Y. uaa a good local lesion host.The infection In Fl&m -. Ylnnn rndLata and Y.became ay~temic hen they uers maintained sttemperatures between 20 and 30'~. In thin sectlone of peanutleaves rpherloal membrane-bound particlea of TO to 100 nm indiameter were observed to occur in cluatera. Purlfled virusPreparations contained five polypeptldeo of 90000. 54000.44000. 40000 and 31000 dslton polypeptldca. Whan virusparticle^ were treated vlth Nanldet P 40, the polypeptides wareremoved with the exception of that of 31000 daltana In bothELISA end western blot., PYSV did not react vlth antisera totwo tomato apotted wilt virus isolates. On the basis of theseproperties. PYSV is regarded as a previously undeecribed virusbelon(linr to the tomato spotted wilt vlrus group

publication date

  • 1991