Variability in Different Characters of Bacteria Nodulating Chickpea uri icon


  • Bacteria nodulating chickpea (Cicer arietinum) are specific and do not show cross inoculation affinity with any members of the known cross-inoculation groups. This groups of bacteria has been named as Bradyrhizobium sp. (Cicer). In a study of the variability in this group, 73% of bacteria studied were effective to highly-effective on chickpea genotypes ICC 4918, ICC 196 or ICC 5003. Almost all were acidic or neutral when grown on yeast-extract mannitol agar containing bromothymol blue. Over half of the 259 strains tested for inherent resistance to low levels of 10 antibiotics and antimetabolites, showed tolerance to very low levels (0.25-10 mg per litre). At least 8 of the 18 strains from which antisera production was attempted resulted in poor antibody titer

publication date

  • 1991