Inhibitory Effect of Sorghum and Pearl Millet Pollen on Urediniospore Germination and Germ tube Growth of Groundnut Rust uri icon


  • Rust, caused by Puccini arachitlis Spcg.. is fln economically tmpOf itinf disease of groundnut {Arachis fiypo^aca L.) Rusil can reduce pod yield by over 50^ in susceptible cultivurs (Subrahmanyam arid McDonald 1983). Incidence and severity of ihe disease were lowef in groundnut intercropped with sorghum and peaii millet lhan In SO?e crop groundnut Deposition of sorghuni and pearl millet pollen was observed on the leaves of intercropped groundnut. A laboratory study was conducicd lo examine the influence of ihe pollen on iirediniusporc germination and geroitube growth of groundnut rust

publication date

  • 1991