Biochemical Changes in Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) Plants Infected with Maize Mosaic Virus* uri icon


  • Biochemical changes in sorghum cultivars naturally infected with maize mosaic virus were investigated. Virus infection reduced plant biomass ranging from 10-53% among different cultivars. Total chlorophyll content in infected leaves was reduced. Reduction in nitrate reductase activity varied from 23-72% in the infected leaves of different cultivars but nitrate reductase activity in the stems of infected plants was significantly higher than in those of healthy plants. The relationship between plant biomass and leaf chlorophyll concentration was positive and that between plant biomass and stem nitrate reductase activity was negative. The relationship between plant biomass and stem N concentration was negative. Concentration of soluble sugars in leaves and stems of infected plants was increased. N concentration in the infected leaves was lower than in the healthy leaves but the N concentration in infected stems was higher. Electrophoretic analysis of soluble leaf proteins revealed the presence of two polypeptides of 21 and 22 kD in the infected but not in the healthy leaves and these were found to be not of viral origin by electro-blot immunoassay

publication date

  • 1991