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  • Cultivar preference/nonpreference for feeding is one of the components of resistance to the sorghum head bug, Calocoris angustatus Lethiery (Hemiptera: Miridae). IS 2761, IS 9692, IS 17610, IS 17618 and IS 17645 were not preferred by the adults of c. angustatus under multi- or two-choice conditions. However, cultivar preference was not evident under no-choice tests or headcage conditions.Reduced oviposition is an important component of resistance to head bugs in IS 17645, IS 17610 and IS 17618. Post-embryonic development was extended by 1?2 days when nymphs were fed on these genotypes. Fifth instar nymphs and adults had lower weights when reared on IS 17610 and IS 9692. Nymphal survival was relatively lower on IS 9692, IS 17610 and IS 17645.Fourth instar nymphs were relatively less efficient in food utilization when fed on grain of IS 2761 and IS 6984 as compared with the susceptible cultivars CSH 5 and Swarna. Stage of grain development influenced the indices of consumption and utilization of food by head bugs. Consumption index (CI) and growth rate was lower on 20-day-old grain of IS 2761 as compared with 12-day-old grain

publication date

  • 2011