Resistance to Rust and Late Leaf Spot of Groundnut at ICRISAT Center: Problems and Progress uri icon


  • In sorghum and mungbean ? lentil cropping system, field experiments were conductedfor three successive years to assess the effect of mung bean residue incorporation onsorghum and succeeding lentil productivity along with different doses of phosphorus(P; 0, 30, 60 kg ha?1) applied to these crops. The level of soil fertility was also testedwith or without incorporation of mung bean residue. The interaction of phosphorus tomungbean residue incorporationwas thus studied in relation to improve crop productivitywith balancing fertilizer requirements through an eco-friendly approach. Sorghum grainyield increased significantly when 60 kg P2O5 ha?1 was applied and mungbean residueincorporated. The response was reduced to 30 kg P2O5 ha?1 when mungbean residuewas not incorporated. The succeeding lentil crop responded up to 60 kg P2O5 ha?1 onlywhen preceding sorghum crop received 0 or 30 kg P2O5 ha?1. Response to applied P2O5to lentil reduced to 30 kg ha?1 when preceding sorghum crop received 60 kg P2O5 ha?1and mungbean residue incorporated. Available soil nitrogen, phosphorus, and organiccarbon content increased when mungbean residue was incorporated; however, availablepotassium (K) of the soil decreased from its initial value

publication date

  • 1990