Components of resistance to the sorghum midge, Contarinia sorghicola uri icon


  • Studies were conducted on components of resistance to sorghum midge on four resistant (DJ 6514, AF 28, TAM 2566 and IS 15107) and two susceptible cultivars (CSH 1 and Swarna). Data were recorded on the numbers of eggs, larvae, emerged adults and grain damage in panicles of different genotypes infested with 60 midge females/panicle under no-choice conditions. The size of floral parts (glume, lemma, palea, lodicule, stigma, style, ovary and anther), rate of grain development and tannin content of grain were measured. The lengths of glume gl and 82, lemma L1 and L2, palea, lodicule, anther, style and stigma were positively associated with susceptibility to sorghum midge. Rate of grain development (between 3rd and 7th day after anthesis) was negatively associated with susceptibility to sorghum. Tannin content of grain was also negatively correlated with midge susceptibility, although there were distinct exceptions (e.g. DJ 6514 is highly resistant bur has a low tannin content)

publication date

  • 1990