IDRC Striga project. Striga physiology 3-D-85-0343: progress report, 1988 and experiments, 1989 uri icon


  • Striga germination and infestation will not occur unless specific conditions are met. The seasonal fluctustion of Striga incidence often observed in the field is regarded as a direct results of changes in environmental and ecological factors. It has been shown that soil temperature, moisture and soil fertility play a major role in its life cycle, Therefore, identification of optimus conditions required for its growth and development is crucial for its control. Two field experiments were conducted at ICRISAT Center during the kharif season of 1988. The effect of soil temerature, moisture and nitrogen on Striga asiatica (L.) Kuntze, germination, visbility and emergence were investigated. These experiments and the results obtained are presented below

publication date

  • 1989