Comparative evaluation of biological and chemical methods to determine nitrogen mineralisation coefficient of tropical rice soils uri icon


  • Two anaerobic incubation methods (30°C for 2 weeks; 40°C for 1 week) and five chemical methods, based on ammonium released by the action of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), alkaline permanganate, acid permanganate, acid dichromate, and dilute sulphuric acid, were used to determine nitrogen mineralization coefficient (fraction of total nitrogen released as mineral N) of 39 Philippine rice soils with a wide range of organic C, total N, and other properties. Hydrogen peroxide oxidation method gave the highest average nitrogen mineralization coefficient (26.9%) and acid dichromate extraction the least (2.9%). Anaerobic incubation methods gave average nitrogen mineralization coefficients of 4.2 (30°C, 2 weeks) and 5.1% (40°C, 1 week), resp

publication date

  • 1989