Aspergillus flavus Resistance Breeding in Groundnut: Progress made at ICRISAT Center uri icon


  • Progress world wide in breeding groundnuts resistant to seed colonization by Aspergillus flavusand &atoxin contamination is summarized, and research at ICRISA I'described. Resistance toA. flavus infection may occur at various levels, but efforts to breed for resistance have concentratedon the utilization of the resistance in the testae of matureseeds. At the International CropsResearch Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISA T), genotypes identified as resistant to invitro seed colonization by A. flavus have been crossed with susceptible cultivars of goodagronomic character, and several breeding lines with stable resistance to seed colonization andwith acceptable yield and quality have been produced. The genetics of inheritance of testaresistance is discussed. It is important that when breeding for resistance to A. flavus and aflatoxinproduction, breeders incorporate bther resistance traits

publication date

  • 1989