Screening Groundnuts for Resistance to Seed Invasion by Aspergillus flavus and to Aflatoxin Production uri icon


  • Research on responses of groundnuts to seed colonization and infection by Aspergillus flavus and/or aflatoxin production is reviewed, and progress made in this field at ICRISAT is summarized. Several laboratory and field screening procedures are developed to screen groundnuts for resistance to A. flavus infection and/or aflatoxin production. Research on the effects of environmental factors on pod and seed invasion by A. flavus has produced information useful in the development of field screening methods. Imposed drought stress is used to improve large-scale field screening of groundnut genotypes for resistance to preharvest infection of seeds by A. flavus. Several genotypes were found resistant to infection, and some of them were also resistant to in vitro seed colonization by A. flavus in laboratory inoculation tests. Two genotypes supported only very low levels of aflatoxin B1 production when seeds were colonized by an aflatoxin-producing strain of A. flavus

publication date

  • 1989