Dwarfing Gene Effects on Coleoptile Length in Pearl Millet uri icon


  • The effect of the d2 dwarfing gene on the length of the coleoptile, mesocotyl and plumule was assessed in 12 pairs of isogenic tall/dwarf (d2) inbred lines and 16 pairs of isogenic tall/dwarf hybrids. Culm lengths were measured in replicated field trials in 2 seasons and the lengths of coleoptiles and mesocotyls in seedlings germinated in incubators in the dark at 35°C. Culm length differed significantly between tall and dwarf entries of both inbreds and hybrids but the length of both coleoptile and mesocotyl were similar in both height classes. There were significant differences in coleoptile and mesocotyl lengths among individual entries tested but these were due to parental line or hybrid parent effects. The d2 gene in pearl millet did not affect coleoptile or mesocotyl length as reported for dwarfing genes in other cereals

publication date

  • 1989