International Workshop on Sorghum Stem Borers 17-20 Nov 1987 uri icon


  • The Internat ional Wo r k s h o p on Sorghum Stem Borers i s a fol low-up to the Internat ional Sorghum En t omo l o g y Wo r k s h o p held in Jul y 1984 at Texas A & M Universi ty, Col lege Stat ion, Texas, USA. Some of y o u were present at that wor k shop whi ch set the stage for subsequent ones on insect pests of sorghum. Thus, I hope the present wor k shop is, in a way the f i rst in a series of workshops that wi l l deal wi t h specific groups of insect pests of sorghum. Wh y a wor k shop on sorghum stem borers? Let me answer this quest ion wi t h others. Wh y is Bueseola fusca devastat ing in one year and not in others? Wh y is Chilo partellus a severe pest in East Af r i c a and not in West Af r ica? Wh y are Chilo partellus populat ions very high in Hisar and very low in Patancheru? Wh y are natural enemies of stem borers not ef f icient in cont rol l ing stem borers? Wh a t are the actual losses caused by stem borers in farmers' fields? I f stem borer damage results in yield losses, what is the economi c threshol d level? Wh y is stem tunnel ing not of ten cor related wi t h yield? Wh a t yield factors are more impor tant in stem borer resistance: dead hearts? Stem tunnel ing? Peduncle damage? Head chaffiness? Do we need higher levels of stem borer resistance, that is, less than 20% deadhearts? To what extent is cur rent research on sorghum stem borer cont rol of relevance t o the farmer s of the semi -ar id t ropics (SAT) ? Wh a t are farmers' percept ions of losses due to stem borer damage? The list of questions cont inues ad inf ini tum

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  • 1989