Effects of adding inoculum of Aspergillus flavus to pod-zone soil on seed infection and aflatoxin contamination of peanut genotypes uri icon


  • Several groundnut genotypes resistant or susceptible to in vitro seed colonization by A. flavus were grown in replicated field trials during 1981-84. Addition of inoculum of an aflatoxigenic strain of A. flavus to the pod-zone soil increased preharvest A. flavus seed infection and aflatoxin contamination. Levels of aflatoxin B1 contamination were positively correlated with percentage of seed infected by A. flavus, irrespective of whether or not inoculum was added to the soil. Genotypic differences for seed infection by A. flavus and for aflatoxin contamination were about the same in both control and inoculum treated plants. Levels of seed infection by other soil fungi were not significantly influenced by addition of A. flavus inoculum to the pod-zone soil. Most of the genotypes included as resistant to in vitro seed colonization by A. flavus of rehydrated, mature, undamaged, stored seed, also showed resistance to invasion by the fungus in the field

publication date

  • 1988