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  • Pearl millet is a staple cereal best suited to the harshclimate of the seasonally hot, frequently drought pronesemi-arid regions of Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Itis grown on an estimated 26m ha in these two regions andconstitutes the major staple crop in the Sahelian region ofWest Africa.Considerable advances have been made in grain yields onother crops such as rice, wheat and corn - crops that areextensively cultivated in areas with favorable soil andclimatic conditions and high technological ?inputs. - Pearlmillet and sorghum are usually cultivated in poor soils withlittle or no inputs by poor farmers. However, pearl milletis highly adaptable, providing sustainable yields underextreme environmental and biotic stress conditions * Thiscrop has the potential to feed several millions of thepoorest people of the semi-arid tropics and thus reduce theeconomic imbalance in those countries that are today highlydependent on food imports.The importance which ICRISAT attaches to this crop isevidednced by the establishment of the regional ICRISATSahelian Center at Sadore, near Niamey, NIGER. Among themajor constraints to millet production, insect pestsdiseases, birds and rodents cause severe yield acrop that provides considerable calories and protein inhuman diets.By providing a comprehensive overview of the major pests ofpearl millet, this book will meet the requirements ofseveral scientists, technicians and extension agentsactively involved in the improvement of this crop especiallyin countries where it is the major staple crop

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  • 1988