Use of 15N in Nitrification Inhibitor Studies with Special Reference to Indigenous Materials uri icon


  • Non-edible oil seed cakes and their constituents have been advantageously usedfor increasing the efficiency of fertilizer nitrwen (Nj for cro8 production. The beneficial effccts of these materials have been attributed to retar a~ion of nilrification, whichlessen the loss of N associated with nitrification by leaching and den~trification insituations where them losses are high. However, it is possible that some of the, effcctsof thcse materia Is could be due to immobilization-rcmineralization of N part~cularlywhen the carbonaceour materials are added with fertilizers at high rates. A methodologyinvolving the use of lbN-labelled fertilizers is advanced to sort out whether the beneficialeffects of non-edible oil seed cakes and other materials are due to retardation ofnitrification and or immobilization-remineralization of fertilizer N. Using the proposedtechnique it would be possible to make realistic evaluation of the wealth, of indigenousproducts as nitrification inhibitors. Following the proposed approach ~t would also bopossible to widen the scope and dc th of research in this area for ultimately betterexploitation of indigenous materia Is' as nitrification inhibitors

publication date

  • 1988