Wide Hybridization in Legumes at ICRISAT uri icon


  • Attempts were made to cross Cajanus cajan with Atylosia species, and to investigate causes of, and develop techniques to overcome, intergeneric incompatibility. Pods formed following some interspecific hybridizations contained shriveled seeds, and hybrid embryos were cultured. Seeds were obtained from some interspecific crosses with chickpea. Hormone treatment at pollination was used to produce hybrid embryos from crosses between A. hypogaea and distantly related tetraploid wild species. Ovule and embryo culture was used to produce hybrid callus and shoots, but effective roots were not induced. Hybrid shoots were grafted onto groundnut seedlings. Compatible diploid wild species were used as sources of resistance, and a number of high-yielding, disease-resistant lines were produced following ploidy and genome manipulations

publication date

  • 1988