Potential of Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay for Detecting Viruses, Fungi, Bacteria, Mycoplasma-like Organisms, Mycotoxins, and Hormones uri icon


  • Enz-vme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELlSA) is one of the most widely employed serologicaltests. For example, the double antibody sandwich (DAS-ELlSA) technique has been successfullyemployed for the detection of various rhizobia, to assess the quality of inoculum, and to assess theestablishment of the inoculated rhizobial strains in soil. This technique can also distinguishbet ween different strains o fR hi~obiumE. LISA has successfully been adapted to direct antigencoating (DAC-ELISA) and protein A coating (PAC) procedures for the detection and assay offveralpeanut viruses. DAC-ELlSA is a simple and useful tool for virus detection in field surveyshd in seed samples. Both DA C- and PA C- ELISA are more convenient to use lbr the detection oflarge numbers of antigens than DAS-EL ISA. More recently, a competitive ELISA procedure hasbeen developed to detect up to 2 ng aflatoxin B, in goundnut seed samples

publication date

  • 1988