Stability of seed mass in confectionery groundnut uri icon


  • The first International Confectionery Groundnut Varietal Trial (ICGVT 85) consisted of 24 entries (with one local variety as a control) sent to 16 countries in 1985. Data for pod yield and 100-seed weight were obtained from 10 locations. Most lines showed wide variation between locations especially for 100-seed weight, with only 2 varieties exceeding 70 g (ICGV86573 = 77 g, ICGV86725 = 73 g). Pod yield and seed weight displayed a significant genotype × environment interaction, with the smallest regression coefficient (and hence greatest stability) for 100-seed weight shown by Robut 33-1. This variety, however, is unsuitable for confectionery use because of light 100-seed weight (51 g). ICGV86725 was more stable than ICGV86573

publication date

  • 1988