Phosphorus in Indian Vertisols: Summary Proceedings of a Workshop, 23-26 Aug 1988, ICRISAT Center uri icon


  • In recent years, scientists and extension agencies have become much more aware of thehigh potential productivity of Vertisols and associated soils. However, one gap incurrent knowledge is how best to assess the phosphorus status of these heavy blackclay soils. Crops on Vertisols have appeared to be less responsive to phosphorusfertilizers than those grown on other soils. This difference has been explained byvarious hypotheses, notably high fixation of fertilizer phosphorus and poor predictionof soil-available phosphorus by the Olsen test. As yet no hypothesis has been unanimouslyaccepted. Part of the difficulty lies in the fact that much of the information isscattered. By bringing together scientists who have actually studied some aspect ofphosphorus in Vertisols, this workshop aimed to develop a better understanding ofpast work and future research needs

publication date

  • 1988