Possibility of genetic improvement of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.)Millsp.) utilizing wild gene sources uri icon


  • Various wild relatives of pigeonpea,Cajanus cajan, namely some species ofAtylosia andRhynchosia, possess desirable characteristics that could be utilized for effecting genetic improvement of this crop. In total 73 cross combinations among two cultivars ofC. cajan and one accession each of eightAtylosia species and one ofRhynchosia were attempted. Twelve hybrids were obtained. Seven of these were analysed for F1 fertility and their utility for agronomic improvement of theC. cajan. Fertility behaviour of the different F1 hybrids varied and indicated that potential of gene transfer between the two genera,Atylosia andCajanus, was as good as within the genusAtylosia. From F2 and F3 families ofC. cajan × A. scarabaeoides andC. cajan × A. albicans, plants were selected with greater physiological efficiency and agronomic superiority. The prospects of transferring pod borer resistance and higher seed protein content from someAtylosia species to pigeonpea are discussed

publication date

  • 1987