Fungicidal Control of Downy Mildew of Pearl Millet uri icon


  • Among the three fungicides tested in vitro against Sclerospora graminicola, metalaxyl and oxadixyl were effective in completely inhibiting sporangial production and germination at 250 ppm concentration. With mancozeb, complete inhibition of sporangial production was observed only at 1000 ppm concentration while there was no complete inhibition of sporangial germination even at 1000 ppm.In a field trial conducted during the kharif season of 1985, metalaxyl 25 WP seed treatment protected the pearl millet crop from downy mildew upto 30 days. Seed treatment followed by one foliar spray with metalaxyl or mancozeb was more effective than seed treatment alone. Seed treatment with metalaxyl followed by a single combined foliar spray of metalaxyl + mancozeb was superior to seed treatment with metalaxyl followed by a single foliar spray of either of these fungicides

publication date

  • 1987