Fitting Crop Genotypes To Abiotic Stress Environments : Problems And Prospects uri icon


  • Plant breeding efforts have substantially increased yields mainly of crops grownunder (near) optimum conditions, especially during the last half century. This,with or without deliberate efforts, has resulted in an increase in adaptability of cullivarsand stability of grain yields, even in abiotic stress environments. In order toensure nutritional security for the growing population, especially in the tropics withits dwindling and degraded land resources, we constantly need newer crop productiontzchnologies. Even in highly developed temperate agricultural systems, 60 to 80%of the seasonal variation in crop productivity is attributed to weather fluctuations(Thompson 1975; Boye 1082). In the tropics where the intensification of crop productionand extension of crops to more margrnal areas are the order of the day, iticrcasedresearch on crop productivity, especially in stress environments is callcd for

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  • 1987