Screening For Sweet Stalk Sorghums, And Environmental Effect On Stalk Sugar Concentrations uri icon


  • Two sets of sorghum ( Sorghum bicolcr (L. ) Moench) germplasm rccqsslonswere screened for sweet stalks during rainy ( n = 9.000 ) and postrain y (n = 102)seasons by chew in^ and testing, and for sugar percentage in the juice byusinq brix-refractometer. Sets of 96 and 25 lines were selected during the tworespective seasons. Stalk juice from a few selected lines were further characterizedfor sugar concentration, recovery of sugar. 8tC. A few lines were foundto be stable in sugsr percentage across environments. Water stress increasedthe stalk sugar percentage, while nitrogen fertilizer application had little effectStalk rot incidence decreased stalk sugar concentrations. Suggestions are madefor the use of sweet and )uicy stalk characteristic in crop in,provement progrsmto produce multipurpose sorghum

publication date

  • 1987