Prospects for Sorghum Improvement for Phosphorus Efficiency uri icon


  • Phosphorus (P) deficiency is common in sorghum-grbwingregions of the semi-arid tropics (SAT) (Sallanpaa, 1982). andranks second in importance only after nitrogen (N) deficiency. Inaddition to the deficiencies of these two nutrients, other nutrientdisorders may be common. For example, zinc (Zn) deficiency iscommon in India. pqi~sium (K) and sulphur (S) deficiency inWest Africa, and 'alhinum (A)) toxicity in Latin America(SBnchez and Salinas, 1981). Amelioration of P deficiency byapplication of P fertilizers is costly. Thus, improved farmingpractices have the best chance of adoption by the small subsistencefarmers with limited financial resources if they involve onlymoderate amounts of low-cost inputs. To achieve this, we need todetermine efficient fertilizer practices in conjunction with thedevelopment of P-efficient cultivars

publication date

  • 1987