Ability of nitrapyrin, dicyandiamide and acetylene to retard nitrification in a mineral and an organic soil uri icon


  • Laboratory experiments were conducted to evaluate the efficacy of nitrapyrin, dicyandiamide (DCD) and acetylene (C2H2) as nitrification inhibitors in a silt loam and oragnic soil with and without added NH4. Nitrapyrin (8 ?g/g soil) and DCD (20 ?g/g soil) were very effective in retarding nitrification of NH4?N in the silt loam soil during 14 days of aerobic incubation at 30°C. However neither nitrapyrin, (20 ?g/g soil) nor DCD (20 or 100 ?g/g soil) were effective in retarding NO3 production in the organic soil not amended with NH4. Dicyandiamide was moderately effective in retarding nitrification (39% inhibition) at 100 ?g/g concentration but nitrapyrin at 20 ?g/g rate had little effect (8% inhibition) on nitrification in the organic soil amended with NH4. In a separate experiment C2H2 was a very effective inhibitor in both soils when present in the flask atmosphere at 0.1% or 1% (v/v)

publication date

  • 1987