Utility of desi X kabuli crosses in chickpea improvement uri icon


  • Desi (small-seeded, primitive) varieties CPS1, BG203 and Pant G114 and kabuli (large-seeded, advanced) varieties C104, K4 and P9800 were crossed in a diallel fashion. A wide range of segregants was obtained in the F2 of desi X kabuli crosses for seed shape, size and colour, with seeds of the desi type predominating. In general, the extent of variability generated by desi X kabuli crosses was similar to that of desi X desi and kabuli X kabuli crosses. Desi, kabuli and intermediate seed types in the F2 of 9 desi X kabuli crosses were bulked to the F4 and then crossed to a 4th desi and kabuli variety to initiate a 2nd cycle of introgression. In the F2 of this 2nd cycle, kabuli-type segregants predominated and the degree of variability was reduced in comparison with the original F2

publication date

  • 1987