Hybrid potential of 81 A?A dwarf male-sterile line of pearl millet uri icon


  • Two sets of about 50 diverse variety-cross progenies each were crossed onto 5141A and 8IA, a d, dwarf male-sterile line of pearl millet (Pennisetum americanum (L.) Leeke). Results from yield trials showed that the 81A hybrids yielded significantly more than the 5141A hybrids. There were indications that pollen parents of high yielding 5141A hybrids will also produce high yielding hybrids when crossed onto 81A. Relatively longer heads, larger seeds and perhaps more head girth of the 81A hybrids, which matured 2?4 days later, contributed to their yield superiority over the 5141A hybrids which, however, had more tillers. Although 81A is shorter than 5141 A, hybrids on 81A were significantly taller but there was no increase in lodging since the 81A hybrids have stronger stems than the 5141A hybrids. The hybrids on 81A also showed higher grain protein content than those on 5I41A. Under field conditions line 5141A registered up to 65% downy mildew, whereas 81A remained free of downy mildew

publication date

  • 1986