Wide hybridization in Arachis: problems and prospects uri icon


  • The genus Arschis includes a large number of apdu includingA. hypoped, the groundnut. The species are grouped into men wctions.A. hypog@ad. a tetraploid, can be crowed only with the sped08within its own ssction, Amchis, even though most of them arr diploids.From the diploid species resistances are being trms?md toA. hypogma. Investigations on barriers to hybridization betwoen sectionshave been initiated at ICRISAT. Soms techniques have bean dmlopedto break the barriers.After incompatible poll~nations betw*en A. h-1) or A.monticols and species in section Rhiromatosw. fluoremncrrmicroscopic investigation reveals that some inhibition of pollen tubsgrowth occurs in the style. However, pollen tubes can be soen at thebase of the pistils. In very few instances pegs do develop but do notelongate further than 1 cm and degenerate before they can penetratethe mil and form pods.Applications of growth hormones to the bases of incompatiblypollinated flowers just afm pollination significantly in~asedth enumber of peg6 produced from about 10 percent (untreated) to momthan 60 percent (hormone treated) of pollinations. Hormones wereclp~li~sdin gly or in combination. or in sequencr. GA3 induced moatpep. but thou died bdorr aoda weto formed. A wbowuent treatmentwith kinetin maintained peg growth to a stage at which embryo$ couldk disuc?ed from immrturo pods and succe#fuliy cubrod in virto

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  • 1986