Genetic Analysis of Trichome Characters Associated with Resistance To Jassid (Empoasca kerriPruthi) in Peanut1 uri icon


  • F1 progenies resulting from a 10 x 10 diallel cross includingreciprocals, in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L. ) cultivars of differentsusceptibility to the jassid, Empoasca kerri Pruthi, were studiedto determine the inheritance of trichomes on the adaxial surfaceof the leaf, leaf midrib, and petiole, and their association withresistance to E. kerri. Genotypes or crosses with long trichomeson the leaves and petioles showed a high level of resistance tojassids (leafhoppers) as evidenced by a very low percentage ofyellowed foliage (hopper bum). Nonadditive genetic variancewas predominantly observed for all trichome characters. However,additive genetic variance was also important for the presenceof long trichomes on the midrib and petioles and for jassiddamage. NC Ac 2230, a jassid resistant line, is the best parentto use in a breeding program because of its stable resistanceand high general combining ability for the presence of trichomes

publication date

  • 1986