Host-plant resistance in the management of Sorghum stem borers uri icon


  • Of the 23 stem borers infesting sorghum, Chilo partellus, Busseola fusca, sesamia cretica, s. calamistis, Eldna saccharina spp. are the important species occuring in various sorghum areas of the world. Host-Plant resistance offers an economic, effective and long term solution to manage these'internal feeders' either alone or in conjuction with culture, biological and chemical methods of control. The development of host-plant resistance to crop plants requires. (1) the detailed knowledge on the bio-ecology of the pest and its relationship with host plant, (2) development of an effective and reliable screening techniques (s), (3) reliable criteria for measuring resistance, (4) identification of strong and stable source(s) of resistance, and (5) incorporation of gene(s) for resistance into the elite background. This paper deals with all the outlined apects related to stem borers in general and Chilo partellus in particular and also discusses the scope of host-plant resistance in the integrated management of stem borers in sorghum

publication date

  • 1985