Crossability relationships among Cajanus, atylosia and Rhynchosia species and detection of crossing barriers uri icon


  • Crossability of two cultivars of Cajanus cajan, eight species of Atylosia and one of Rhynchosia was investigated. Of the 73 combinations attempted, success was achieved in 12 cases. C. cajan crossed successfully with A. albicans, A. cajanifolia, A. lineata, A. scarabaeoides, and A. trinervia. Within the genus Atylosia, A. lineata crossed with A. albicans and A. scarabaeoides, and A. scarabaeoides with A. sericea. Three speciesA. platycarpa, A. volubilis and R. rothii did not cross with any other one. In most of the unsuccessful combinations, although the pollen germinated on the receiving stigmas, the pollen tube growth was inhibited inside the stigma or in the stylar tissue

publication date

  • 1985