Bacterial Wilt of Groundnut: Control with Emphasis on Host Plant Resistance uri icon


  • BACTERIAL wilt caused by P~eudomonas~o lanaceorumis the only important bacterial disease ofgroundnut. It is a rerlous problem in majorgroundnut-producing are= of Indonesia (Schuarrand Hanlcy 1927; Machmud, thele Proceeding,),in southern China (Darong et at. 1981). and inrestricted areas of Africa (Simbwa-Bunnya 1972).The di~iws a potential threat to groundnut prcbduction in several other pans of the uorld, apcciallyin warm humid areas. Effectlve controlmeasurn arc to use sui~able crpp rotations and togrow wilt-resistant groundnut ~ultivars (Schwarzand Hartley 1930; Porter et al. 1982). Bmderl haveproduced bacterial wilt-resistant groundnutcultivars in several parts of the world (Schwarz andHartley 1926; Darong et al. 1981). Severalscrrcning/inoculation techniques hare been used toidentify sources of resistance (Darong el at. 1981;Winstead and Kelman 1952), but the wide range ofvariability in the pathogen populations complicatawilt resistance breeding

publication date

  • 1985