In vitro Culture of Ovules and Embryos from some Incompatible Interspecific Crosses in the Genus Arachis L uri icon


  • In vrtro culture of ovules and embyros IS commonly used to produce hybrrds from rncompalrblecrosses. In several mlerspecrlrc crossar in Arachlr, ovule and or embryo cullure rs necessarybecause the ovules do nor develop lully in vrvoOvule srzes from drfferml crosses and dliierenr hormone lrealmenrs range lrom less then 0 3 mmlo 5 0 mm, rarely 7 0 mm Ovules smaller than 3 0 mm had to be cultured mlrre as the proembryosrhey conlamed were roo small lor drsseclron and cullure Ovules larger rhan 3 Omm were drssecredand lherr embryos culluredAll the ovules were culturedon MS medra with or wrlhoul agar and with diilerenl concenlrrtronsof various hormonesDependrng on the hormones used and therr concenlratrons, drilerenr responses were observedSurface callus formatron, greenmg, swellrng. and browntng were common rn cullured ovulesEmbryos emerged from some of the ovules end planllers have been oblarned Cultured embryosshowed srmrler responses, and some cultured embryos germinated, and developed rnlo planllsls

publication date

  • 1985